The Iranian History 1958 AD


Khosrau Rouzbeh Executed

May, 11, 1958 AD

Portable Barber Shop Tehran 1958. Some barbers used to carry their stuff from neighborhood to neighborhood because the population was not dense. They used to offer cinnamon tea as promotion to their clients.After a brief military tribunal, per Shah's approval, Khosrau Rouzbeh was executed. Major Rouzbeh was a communist activist who became an icon as a prodigy for his ability to escape detention several times. He continued anti regime underground activities until he was caught in a house in July, 1957. He then tried to escape again but he was shot while climbing an electricity pole and was under treatment at a hospital until his trial.
He was also a mathematician and a military genius whose studies on mortars and cannons were taught in military schools. He had chosen Marxism as he was in favor of equality among humans but he always insisted on using the term Mazdakism instead believing that Mazdak was the first person who came up with such revolutionary ideas. During his trial he called the Shah a coward and brutish leader that would eventually lead Iran to great troubles. (Updated: Aug, 12, 2008)

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