The Iranian History 1953 AD


The American Ambassador Meets Mosaddegh

Jan, 15, 1953 AD

Prime Minister Mosaddegh and American President TrumanHenderson, the American ambassador to Tehran met with Dr. Mosaddegh in his house at Kakh St on Jan, 15, 1953. Dr. Mosaddegh, the Iranian Prime Minister was suffering from illness and used to run affairs from his home. The meeting which took 7 hours was about a proposal by the British on the Nationalization of Oil issue. Tensions had been high between Iran and UK specially afterMajlis unanimously passed the bill of Nationalization of Oil industry on March 12, 1951, followed by a vote on March 28 to expropriate the AIOC properties at Abadan.
The offer was rejected because it was against the national sovereignty of Iranians. 35 days later, another offer was made by the British. The U.S. embassy seemingly was acting as the mediator while behind the scenes, CIA and MI6 were providing the grounds for the coup d'état on Aug, 19. The second offer was rejected also, although Nationalization of Oil and Iranians ownership was recognized, however pricing and sales policy was in the hands of the British.
Moreover foreign experts had the right to supervise the technical issues. Mosaddegh rejected this offer calling it against national interests of Iranians.
Henderson later played a great role in the Operation TP-AJAX that toppled the democratic government of Mosaddegh. (Updated: Oct, 26, 2008)

CIA Agent Kermit Creeps In

Jun, 19, 1953 AD

Tehran Airport: One week after the coup, the military junta awaits exiled Mohammad Reza Shah in 1953The CIA agent Kim Roosevelt (Kermit) is a less known figure in Iranian history compared to his great role in Operation TP-AJAX. Kim was the coordinator of the coup against Dr. Mosaddegh. Kim was also the bastard grandson of American president Theodore Roosevelt.
Shortly prior to the 1952 presidential elections in the US, the British government invited Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., of the CIA to London to propose collaboration on a secret plan, code-named "Operation Ajax", to force Mosaddegh from office.
Kim secretly slipped across Iranian border on June, 19, 1953 and was hosted at a basement hired by British spies which became his headquarters for the operation which started with a campaign of black propaganda and bribery against Mosaddegh's popular government. However, the coup initially failed and on Aug, 15 Shah fled from Iran to Baghdad, then to Rome, Italy, Shah was brought back again after a second bloody coup. Kim forced the officer who drove the first tank towards Tehran streets was conducted at gunpoint.
Mosaddegh was arrested and placed in solitary confinement for three years, followed by house arrest for life.
The coup marked the first successful CIA covert operations abroad followed by some other scandals:
- In 1954, CIA sponsored an invasion by exiled Guatemalans which caused Guatemala's social revolution to came to an end, forever.
- CIA directed an abortive invasion of Cuba, carried out by Cuban exiles on Apr, 17, 1961 known as Bay of Pigs invasion.
- CIA's direct and indirect military interventions in Congo (1964), Chile (1973), Algeria (1991), Dominicans, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, alongside supporting extremists around the world.
While in Italy, Shah signed two decrees, one dismissing Mosaddegh and the other naming Fazlollah Zahedi to replace him as Prime Minister. Zahedi staged a bloody coup on Aug, 19, 1953 with the help of CIA, MI6, and armed mob and provided the grounds for Shah's return from exile on Aug, 22. (Updated: Sep, 21, 2009)

Shah Dismisses The Prime Minister

Aug, 13, 1953 AD

Bandits who created terror on the streets of Iran during coup in 1953Shah had totally lost control and was already taking orders from outside while signing a decree dismissing the popular Prime Minister Mosaddegh and replacing him with retired army general Zahedi. This paper were not announced publicly and it was just a formality to install a puppet regime. This paper indeed had no value because according to the Iranian constitution it was the duty of the parliament to appoint or dismiss the prime minister. Two days later, Mohammad Reza Shah and his British wife Sorayya were in Ramsar waiting to see what will happen. A special aircraft was kept ready and waiting at the airport to fly him away. On Aug, 19, 1953, a US-UK backed covert operation called TP-AJAX toppled Mosaddegh. (Updated: Oct, 26, 2008)

CIA Backed Coup Topples Mosaddegh

Aug, 19, 1953 AD

Iranians Burning US FlagKim Roosevelt, the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt was on a mission for CIA when he arrived in Tehran on Aug, 8, 1953, 16 days before the shameful operation that put an end to the young Iranian democracy's life.
Accompanied by the British secret service agents and pro-Shah military officers, from the early morning hours of Aug, 19 a group of gang poured into the streets of Tehran torching offices of newspapers, workplaces, etc in order to create disorder and chaos. They were shouting leftist slogans pretending to be associated with democratic movements.
PM Mosaddegh's residential which he was also using as an office came under an attack while the radio station was being seized by Zahedi, an officer who had been dismissed from duty and had been in hiding. In the radio announcement he calls himself the new prime minister.
For the next 26 years Iranians were to deal with a junta regime and it's notorious secret service SAVAK that imprisoned, tortured and killed everyone against the dictator's regime.
47 years later Madeleine Albright, the U.S. Secretary of state only implied U.S. involvement in the 1953 coup. She admitted that British insisted on displacing Mosaddegh's regime but could not convince Truman. But the latter president Eisenhower's administration did not hesitate to accept the English proposal.
The outcome of this coup was a consortium on rights of Iran's oil in which U.S. and British each had 40% share. (Updated: Dec, 3, 2007)

The Day After Operation TP-AJAX

Aug, 20, 1953 AD

Tehran University Demonstrations in support of Dr. Mosaddegh that turn into a general demonstration on Mar, 2, 1953. Left and right groups instigated opressed Iranian people to take it to the streets on every occasion.TP-AJAX Code name for a covert CIA/MI6 backed military coup that toppled the democratic regime of Dr. Mosaddegh on Aug, 19, 1953 and restored Pahlavi dictatorship. This event is a back page of US/UK conspiracy. What happened the following day is interesting as ABC's of a coup:
- A military curfew was declared in every city of Iran.
- General Zahedi sent the deposed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as telegram inviting him back to Iran.
- Ghashgha and Boyer Ahmad tribes started preparing for an armed resistance.
- Many of Mosaddegh’s friends and dissident leaders were arrested.
- The ranks of officers involved in the coup were raised.
The coup d’état was the result of some other attempts to counter Nationalization of Oil in Iran. The British Petroleum which is also responsible for many other wrongdoings in the world was lobbied for a long time to persuade Americans to topple the Iranian regime with the pretext of countering communism. (Updated: Jul, 13, 2010)

British Diplomats To Reopen Tehran Embassy

Nov, 24, 1953 AD

A Tehran police officer directs traffic at Naderi Intersection south of the British Embassy 1935. Today, the historical Tehran is overflowing with noise and air polution and little is done to protect whatever is left of it.Three months after the CIA backed coup on Aug, 19 that toppled the popular Mosaddegh regime, 15 English diplomats and embassy staff enter Tehran to reopen the British embassy which was closed due to the row after Iran's nationalization of oil industry. The junta regime's PM General Zahedi declared starting Iran-British relations as necessary. Meanwhile Mosaddegh's trial continued at the junta court. Ayatollah Kashani declared this day a historical disgrace and called for public mourning. Newspapers were shut down and voices of dissent were silenced by force, adding a new black page to Iran-British history while making the US a new enemy. (Updated: Nov, 24, 2007)

Students Shot Dead At Tehran University

Dec, 7, 1953 AD

Mohammadreza Shah Richard Nixon WashingtonOn Nov, 15, 1953 it had been announced that Richard Nixon was travelling to Tehran. The wounds of the CIA backed coup were still bleeding and university students planned on a protest. The junta regime settled soldiers and spies in the university campus in order to make Richard Nixon's trip safe and sound. In the early morning hours of Dec, 6, the students entering the university became aware of unusual military equipment and they entered their classes calmly not to provide any pretext for a confrontation. Then the military officers guided by tippers started making violent arrests. The dean annouced that the university is closed so that students would leave and the situation would not get worse. But at the technical faculty clashes between students and soldiers had already started. Soon bullets were flying and bodies were falling on the ground. After a short silence, voices of injured people moaning were being heard but the soldiers prevented their friends from taking them to hospital. 3 were killed, 27 arrested and many were injured. The following day, Richard Nixon arrived in Tehran, went to Tehran University and made a speech and received a doctorate of honor in law. This day is now called "the students day". (Updated: Jan, 25, 2008)

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