The Iranian History 1877 AD


Hot Air Balloons In Tehran Skies

Mar, 24, 1877 AD

Iranians gather to get a glimpse at the first baloon to fly over Tehran skies, Iran 1877Naseroddin Shah, in his memoires describes the balloon event enthusiastically. Five hours to the sunset, two balloons went up in the air in front of a school. He watched the spectacular event from above the Shamsolemareh building. His Harem was also watching the show from the roof of their Andaroon residences. All Tehran population, men and women filled the roofs, the streets, etc. The first balloon was red, and it went up not so high before it fell in Sepahsalar Garden.
Next, they blew the big white balloon. Again people gathered on the roofs. This time it went up quite high and stayed above the city for exactly half an hour. He estimated the altitude about 2000 yards or more. He expressed the scene as quite spectacular adding that two people were on board. Finally it landed in the Sepahsalar or Nazmiyeh Garden and the balloon was torn.
Mozaffaroddin Shah bought a balloon on his trip to Europe too. But he did not find the opportunity to use it until Mohammad Ali Mirza succeeded him. Iran was in the middle of the Constitutional Revolution when Arshadoddoleh, a military commander said that the French broke German siege in 1870 using the balloon and suggested using it against revolutionists. When the pack was opened, many mice started running around and they found out that the balloon was torn and unusable. The balloon thus could not change the faith of Mohammad Ali Shah, a puppet of Russian empire that was forced to flee the country and die in exile in 1924. (Updated: May, 16, 2009)

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