The Iranian History 1781 AD


Ali Morad Khan Captures Shiraz

Mar, 14, 1781 AD

Khatun Bridge built around 1780 in Khoy, West AzarbaijanAfter the death of Karim Khan Zand, Iran entered a turmoil because of rivalries for the throne. The two major powers were the Zand and Qajar tribal leaders. Ali Morad Khan was given the power over the Persian army by his uncle to destroy the Qajar tribe leaded by Agha Mohammad Khan who had declared independence from the Zand dynasty in Mazandaran. But Ali Morad Khan betrayed Abolfath Khan and left him defenseless against Sadegh Khan who took over the capital Shiraz and proclaimed king.
As the head of the Persian army, Ali Morad Khan captured Isfahan where he became a nightmare for the residents by raising taxes and killing whoever refused to pay. He finally captured Shiraz on Mar, 14, 1781 and killed Sadegh Khan. Four years later, he was defeated and slain by Sadegh Khan's son Jafar Khan. (Updated: Sep, 15, 2008)

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