The Iranian History 1747 AD


Nader Shah Assassinated

Jun, 10, 1747 AD

Emarat Khorshid or Kalat Naderi was a building Nader planned to spend his retirement inIn the sixtieth year of his life, Nader had to deal with several revolts across the country. This situation drove him to a degree of fury that he put to death a great number of his governors and ministers, upon suspicion and not satisfied with destroying the leaders of the rebellion, he cut off whole cities, and forced the greatest number of his subjects to seek a refuge in the mountains and deserts.
Nader Shah was assassinated in a coup d'état by his generals headed by his nephew Ali near the city of Ghoochan where he encamped at a place called Fatehabad. Tired of his long march, oppressed with years, sunk in despair, he retired early to his tent, and slept till midnight; at which time 3 assassin entered his tent and put him to death.
Each of his generals declared autonomy in one region of Iran until Karimkhan Zand took over and reunited the country again. It took Karimkhan ten years to defeat all enemies and rearrange the political structure of Iran. He started building of the Gulistan palace in Tehran but he chose Shiraz to reside as a gesture to live near Perspolis. (Updated: Sep, 29, 2008)

Ali Shah Crowned

Jun, 25, 1747 AD

Nader and Sons: Afshar king Nader Shah is seen appointing his son as crown prince. Famous Daryayenoor diamond is seen on his Crown.After assassination of Nader Shah, his nephew Ali made a solemn entry into the capital of Khorasan, where he killed all heirs to the throne. The unfortunate Reza Gholi, Nasrollah, and 17 others of the imperial family, were massacred; but Shahrokh Afshar, a beautiful boy about fourteen years old, was kept privately in a tower, whence Ali designed to bring him to the throne, and to assume the regency during his minority, if his own government was not accepted by public.
On June, 25 he was crowned by the name of Adel Shah. But led a life, the least worthy of a powerful king. In the meantime his brother Ibrahim revolted against him and in a battle near Zanjan defeated Ali's army. Ali was made prisoner and condemned to lose his eyes.
Ibrahim found himself at the head of a great army: but the young Prince Shahrokh Afshar stood between him and the crown. He sent one of his ministers to Mashhad, with a declaration, that he recognized Shahrokh Afshar was the undoubted heir of two royal families. Indeed, he was seizing an opportunity to eliminate him. After repeated oaths of fidelity by chiefs of Khorasan, Shahrokh was brought to the palace; where on September, 20th he was declared the king.
Ibrahim found out that his project had failed and staged a rebellion but he was soon deserted and betrayed by his guards. He was sent in chains with his brother Ali to Mashhad where they were both slain.
Shahrokh Afshar did not enjoy tranquility for a long time and a pretender to the crown concerted a plot against the Shah, and tore out the eyes of the unfortunate king. As the blindness of Shahrokh Afshar made him incapable, by the laws, he retained only the name of King, while all his affairs were conducted by his ministers. (Updated: Aug, 28, 2008)

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