The Iranian History 1650 AD


Mughals Defeated In Ghandahar Again

Dec, 18, 1650 AD

Chehelsotoon Palace Isfahan Painting showing Shah Abbas in the battlefieldOne year after the defeat of Indian forces in Kandahar, Shah Jahan sends another army to capture the city. This army was defeated by the garrison stationed in Kandahar and by special strike forces in the cities nearby. This provision had been made by Shah Abbas 2 who had defeated the Indians just a year before. The Indians were no match for the Iranian army in terms of strategy. Such useless attempts were repeated in 1652 and 1653 which cost India 120 million Rupees. India had an eye on Kandahar since the time of Jahangir Shah who wanted to move the capital from Delhi to Lahore but could not stand a strong Iranian garrison nearby. (Updated: Dec, 29, 2007)

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