The Iranian History 1577 AD


Shah Ismail 2. Of Safavid Dynasty Dies

Nov, 24, 1577 AD

Safavid PaintingShah Ismail 2 from Safavid dynasty suddenly died. He was known as a bloodthirsty ruler whose reign lasted for only 15 months. He spend most of this time killing or blinding his father’s other sons and grandsons. He was the successor of Shah Tahmasp who had ascended the throne after spending 20 years in prison. There were speculations around his death. Some say he was poisoned by his sister Pari.
The mystery behind Shah Ismail 2’s death remained unclear for some time and for the following years 4 people around the kingdom claimed to be Shah Ismail 2. One of them was a person from Lorestan who had pulled out all his teeth except the two in front to resemble Shah Ismail 2. He had gathered a strong army and could hardly be subdued.
After his death, influential Kizilbash tribal leaders brought his brother Mohammad from Shiraz and put him in power. Mohammad had been blinded by Shah Ismail 2 and was a puppet king in the hands of Kizilbash to the effect that they kidnapped his wife also Shah Abbas's mother and cut her into pieces in the deserts of capital Qazvin. This last event caused Shah Abbas to rise against his father and become king. After Shah Abbas became king, he moved the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan.
Some accounts date his death to Aug, 24 instead of Nov, 24. (Updated: Aug, 21, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Shah Tahmasp : شاه تهماسب(Shah Tahmasb) شاه طهماسب يکم Media_Files
  • Shah Ismail : شاه اسماعيل(Shah Esmael Safavi) شاه اسماعيل ختايي Media_Files
  • Shah Abbas : شاه عباس Media_Files
  • Kizilbash : قزلباش(Qizilbash,Ghizilbash) قزل برک
  • Lorestan : لرستان Media_Files
  • Tahmasp : تهماسپ(Tahmasb) طهماسب
  • Dynasty : دودمان ال، خاندان پادشاهان، سلسله Media_Files
  • Isfahan : اصفهان(Esfahan, Sepahan,Esparan) اسپه دانه، اسپهان Media_Files
  • Safavid : صفوي Media_Files
  • Shiraz : شيراز تيرازيس Media_Files
  • Qazvin : قزوين(Ghazvin, Caspian) کاسپين Media_Files
  • Shah : شاه پادشاه‌ Media_Files

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