The Iranian History 901 AD


Amro Leis Saffari Starves In Prison

Aug, 6, 901 AD

Silver Coin of Amro Leis Saffari mint in Gonaveh, Amro was the second and last ruler of Saffarian Dynasty.He submitted to the Caliph. Iand ruled Fars, Khorasan and Sistan which his brother had taken back by sword as vassal ruler.After Yaghub Leis Saffar died, his brother Amro Leis took his place. Unlike his brother, he decided to make peace with the Caliph but he was tricked, captured and imprisoned.
Amro Leis was not expecting a serious confrontation when he entered Transoxiana. Caliph Al Motazed had accepted his request to rule over Transoxiana but secretly sent a letter to Samanian Ismail who engaged him in the battle of Balkh and caught Amro Leis alive in 901 A.D.
He was sent to the Caliph in Baghdad who promised to set him free but he wasn't willing to do so indeed. Therefore Al Motazed ordered the guardians to give him less food each day until he died of hunger in a prison in Baghdad.
His brother Yaghub was a brave warrior who fought the Caliph for years and never settled for less than independence. (Updated: Jan, 25, 2012)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Yaghub Leis : يعقوب ليث
  • Amro Leis : عمرو ليث(Amr-i Laith Saffar) عمرو ليث صفاري Media_Files
  • Samanian : سامانيان(Samanid) Media_Files
  • Baghdad : بغداد Media_Files
  • Balkh : بلخ(Bactra,Bactria,Bakhtar) باختر،تُخارستان،طُخارستان Media_Files

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