The Iranian History 900 AD


Ismail Samani Defeats Mohammad Bin Zeyd

Oct, 8, 900 AD

Two lions guarding the Statue of Amir Ismail Samani in the city of Doshanbeh, capital of Tajikistan. Amir Ismail Samani was the founder of the Samanian Dynasty, a vassal of the Abbasid Caliph that ruled over the Greater Khorasan and VararoodMohammad Bin Zeyd was the second ruler of the Alavian Dynasty whose reign lasted for 17 years and 7 months . On Oct, 8, 900 he marched against a massive Samanian army that invaded Tabarestan. The Samanian army was almost twice the size of the Alavian forces that consisted of 20,000 men. Nevertheless, the Alavian commander marched with great confidence but he was defeated by the Samanian commander Mohammad Bin Harun Sarakhsi who had been deployed by the Samanian ruler of the Greater Khorasan, Ismail Bin Ahmad later to be known as Amir Ismail Samani.
The battle took place about a km to Gorgan near Gonbad Kavoos. Mohammad Bin Zeyd was killed and beheaded. His head was sent to Bukhara and this marked the end of the rule of the Alavian Dynasty in Tabarestan. (Updated: Feb, 9, 2012)

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