The Iranian History 849 AD


Amir Ismail Samani Is Born

May, 24, 849 AD

Hamedan: A statue of Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna), the great Iranian philosopher and scientist who is known as the father of modern medicine with his famous book Qanun which introduced scientific medical approaches. His statue stands in front of his mausoleum.Amir Ismail Samani who founded the Samanian dynasty was born in Ferghana on May, 24, 849. His grandfather was a grandson of Bahram Chubin. After taking the Greater Khorasan under control which included today's Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, north Afghanistan, parts of Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Iran's Khorasan province, Amir Ismail called himself the Shah and started reviving Persian language and culture. Meanwhile, the Saffarian in south, Deylaman in north, and Taherian in west had gained independence from the Caliph rule; but Amir Ismail pursued a policy of defense and reconstruction rather than an expansionist attitude.
His services to our culture which was almost lost during the Caliph rule helped revive some of the most ancient traditions of the world. Amir Ismail died in 907 in Bukhara where he was buried. Yet again, during the Bolshevik rule of the Soviet Union, the Greater Khorasan was divided into regions and Russian was forced as official language and writing. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a great desire to re-unite under one cultural and economical flag has been prevailing. This is against the desire of some western countries. (Updated: Mar, 9, 2008)

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