The Iranian History 833 AD


Al Motasem Becomes Caliph

Aug, 9, 833 AD

Babak Khorramdin leaded one of the first successful uprisings against the Caliph assimilation. His Statue is erected in several cities in the Azarbaijan Republic. Meanwhile in Iran, pan-Arab zealots are destroying Iranian national symbols.Al Motasem was hailed Abbasi Caliph on Aug, 9, 833 succeeding his half brother Mamun. He was the son of Harunolrashid and a Turkic slave mother.
One of the most difficult challenges to Caliph Motasem, as faced by his predecessor, was the uprising of Babak Khorramdin, an Iranian commander who rebelled in 817 and overcame a number of Caliphate forces sent against him. Motasem authorized General Afshin to overcome the rebel. Babak was deceived, arrested and brought to Samara. Babak was executed on Aug, 3, 837 and his head was sent to Khorasan.
Motasem fell ill on Oct, 21, 841 and died on January 5, 842. He was succeeded by his son, Al Waseq. (Updated: May, 17, 2011)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Harunolrashid : هارون الرشيد(Harun al-Rashid,Harunorrashid)
  • Khorramdin : خرمدين Media_Files
  • Caliphate : خلافت(khalifate)
  • Khorasan : خراسان(Khorassan) Media_Files
  • Motasem : معتصم(Motassam,Al Mutasim,Abu Ishaq 'Abbas al-Mu'tasim ibn Harun) معتصم گجستک،أبو إسحاق عباس المعتصم بن هارون
  • Iranian : ايراني‌ اهل‌ ايران‌ ، وابسته‌به‌ ايران‌ Media_Files
  • Afshin : افشين Media_Files
  • Samara : سامرا(Samarra, Samera)
  • Abbasi : عباسي( Abbasid) Media_Files
  • Mamun : مامون(Al Mamoun,Mamoon)
  • Waseq : الواثق(Al-Wathiq ibn Mutasim) ابوجعفر هارون الواثق بالله

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