The Iranian History 467 AD


First Rain After 3 Years Of Drought

Nov, 14, 467 AD

Sassanid Harsin BasinAfter 3 years of severe drought in Iran first drops of rain were reported. The Sassanid dynasty was experiencing hard days due to the fact that the Iranian population were mostly farmers whose lives were dependant on agriculture. Pirouz the Sassanid king ordered celebrations around the country. Ancient Iranians had celebrations for each and every occasion. (Updated: Nov, 29, 2007)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Sassanid : ساساني(Sasanian) Media_Files
  • Iranian : ايراني‌ اهل‌ ايران‌ ، وابسته‌به‌ ايران‌ Media_Files
  • Pirouz : پيروز(Pirooz, Piruz,Firooz)
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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