The Iranian History 250 AD


Gondishapour Library Inaugurated

Jun, 11, 250 AD

Takhte Soleyman Castle Takab Azarbaijan Sassanid, on the south side, Khosrau's terrace and bedroom are locatedGondishapour Library which was the greatest of its kind in the ancient times was inaugurated alongside a university to become the center for researches in the fields of medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy where instructors from India, Iran, Greece and Rome used to teach the latest sciences of the time. World's first library which consisted of clay tablets was created by Ashur Banipal in Nineveh. One of the innovations of Gondishapour University was modification of Indian Sanskrit numeric system which later entered the Arab world and finally reached Europe. It's been reported that things that are considered cutting edge such as organ transplant took place in this research center and that scientific management, postal systems, army ranking, and some innovations in architecture were among outcomes of this ancient research center. The city of Gondishapour was captured and plundered by the Caliphate invaders in 642 after the fall of the Sassanid empire. (Updated: Mar, 12, 2008)

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