The Iranian History 102 AD


Defeat of Chinese Forces In Transoxiana

Feb, 14, 102 AD

Sassanid Gavmishan Bridge at the cross section of Simareh and Kashkan riversThe Chinese Khaghan Vadi sent 40,000 units to Transoxiana knowing that Iranians were busy fighting the Romans. The invasion was encountered by local forces of Parthia, Ariana and Kohestan and the Chinese army was crushed with many taken captive. The Chinese leaders sent their apologies and said that they entered the region in search of horses asserting that Chinese horses were not as big and strong The report was sent to Mehestan senate in Tisfun. The senate replied that if The Chinese Khaghan apologized, the captives would be freed and that horses would be sold. A settlement was made and 3000 horses were sold to China. The Chinese sent silk in return. Except for the time of Mongols, Iranians always lived in peace with the far east. (Updated: Feb, 11, 2009)

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