The Iranian History 486 BC


Xerxes Becomes The Successor Of Dariush

Dec, 1, 486 BC

Darius I TombDariush the great died in November 486 B.C at the age of 64. The last letter that was found indicating his reign was written on Nov, 17th. He was buried in Naghsh Rostam in a tomb that was prepared before his death in 493. Dariush had 12 sons and six daughters. But Xerxes, the oldest son of his first wife Atoosa succeeded him. Xerxes was the grandson of Cyrus the great. Except some unrest in Egypt and Babylon, there were no major unrest compared to the death of Cambyses. In 484 B.C. he suppressed the revolts in Babylon and a rebellion in Egypt. Xerxes's life is a real mystery for his name is mentioned with an exaggerating two million soldiers invading Greece, being the husband of Esther as mentioned in Torah although things don't count up, and other stories that make him more like a popular culture figure. But dates are missing. (Updated: Dec, 16, 2007)

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