The Iranian History 404 BC


Artaxerxes 2. Becomes King

Apr, 3, 404 BC

Artaxerxes II Mnemon TombAfter death of Dariush 2 Nothus, his son Ashk from queen Parysatis became the new king. His throne name was Artaxerxes 2 Mnemon. But his accession to the throne was not easy as civil war began and Artaxerxes' brother Cyrus the younger revolted but was defeated at Cunaxa near Babylon.
Amyrtaeus revolted in Egypt in 404. Artaxerxes tried to reconquer the former Satrapy several times by sending Greek mercanaries but he was not successful.
In 396, the Spartan Agesilaus invaded Asia Minor. In 395, the Greek admiral Conon in command of a Persian navy, captures Rhodes and opens a naval offensive against Sparta. Meanwhile Agesilaus beats Satrap of Lydia Tissaphernes near Sardes but several risings against the Spartan hegemony in Greece in the summer of 395 forced the Spartan government to recall Agesilaus in the spring of 394. The next 20 years passed in some peace except for some attempts to reconquer Egypt.
In 370, Satrap uprisings began; by Datmes' revolt follwed in 367, by another revolt from Ariobarzanes:Satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia. Several other Satraps sided with Ariobarzanes: Maussolus (Caria) , Orontes (Armenia), Autophradates(Lydia) and Datames (Cappadocia). The rebel Satraps received support from Greece, Sparta, and Egypt. In the winter of 363/362, The rebels were defeated in 362: Ariobarzanes was crucified and Datames was assassinated and order had been restored.
Artaxerxes 2 died in March 358 at the age of 90. During his reign worshipping Mithra and Anahita became popular alongside Ahouramazda as noticed in inscriptions. (Updated: Aug, 21, 2010)

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