The Iranian History 154 BC


Mehrdad I Captures Babylon

Jun, 5, 154 BC

Embossed Nation Representatives in Perspolis presenting gifts to Shahanshah (the King of the kings)Mehrdad I succeeded his brother Farhad I and turned Parthia into a major political power. He drove back the Seleucid rulers from Bactria, Persia, Media, and Mesopotamia city after city. He gained control of the royal road built during the Achaemenid and established trade along the silk road that was of great importance for the survival of the Parthian empire. Although Mehrdad succeeded in breaking the Greek control, he promoted Hellenism and titled himself "friend of the Greeks" on his coins. The policy of tolerance is the key to have popular support. Though little is known about them, the Parthian allowed some sort of democracy with Mehestan as the parliament. After his death in 138 B.C., he was succeeded by his son Farhad 2. (Updated: Jan, 23, 2009)

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