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    * Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran *

    سازمان گسترش و نوسازی صنایع ایران

    (Wikipedia) - IDRO Group   (Redirected from Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran) I.R. Group Type Industry Founded Founders Headquarters Area served Key people Products Revenue Profit Total assets Website
    Government-owned corporation
    Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
    Tehran, Iran
    Mohammadreza Nematzadeh (Minister of Industry & Chairman)
    Automobiles, Vehicles, Engines, Oil, Gas, Energy, Machinery, Agriculture, Mines, Metals, Research, Training, Aviation, Banking, Trade, Health care, Railway, Management, Technology, Investment
    US$ 17 billion (2009)
    US$ 1.486 billion (2009)
    US$ 45.766 billion (2009)

    The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) known as IDRO Group was established in 1967 in Iran. IDRO Group is one of the largest companies in Iran. It is also one of the largest conglomerates in Asia. IDRO''s objective is to develop Iran''s industry sector and to accelerate the industrialization process of the country and to export Iranian products worldwide. Today, IDRO owns 117 subsidiaries and affiliated companies both domestically as well as internationally.

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    Businesses See also: Industry of Iran

    In the course of its 40 years of activity, IDRO has gradually become a major shareholder of some key industries in Iran. In recent years and in accordance with the country''s privatization policy, IDRO has made great efforts to privatize its affiliated companies. While carrying on its privatization policies and lessening its role as a holding company, IDRO intends to concentrate on its prime missions and to turn into an industrial development agency. IDRO has focused its activities on the following areas in order to materialize such strategy and to expedite the industrial development of Iran:

    • Promotion of local and foreign investments with minority holdings owned by IDRO (less than 50% of the shares) with particular emphasis on new, hi-tech and export-oriented industries.
    • Restructuring the existing industries through participation of reputable foreign companies in order to transfer new technologies and to enhance the non-oil exports of Iran.
    • Development of general contracting activities with the participation of the Iranian private sector and credible foreign companies.
    • Rendering consultancy and support services to foreign investors.
    • Privatization of the existing subsidiaries.
    • Industrial Investment
    • Management Development
    • Automotive Industry
    • Industrial Equipment Machinery
    • Marine Industry
    • Railway Industry
    • Hi-Tech Industries Development
    • General Contracting
    • Health care
    • Banking
    Privatization See also: Privatization in Iran

    IDRO had privatized 140 of its companies worth about 2,000 billion rials ($200 million) in the past. The organization will offer shares of 150 industrial units to private investors by March 2010. In 2009, 290 companies were under the control of the IDRO.

    Subsidiaries See also: List of Iranian companies

    This is a list of IDRO''s main subsidiaries (as of 2008):

    Company Activity Sector
    Iran Khodro Designing & production of passenger cars, and after sale services Cars And Vehicles
    Govah Co. Supplier of spare parts for Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles, after sale services for Iran Khodro Diesel products, minibuses, buses and trucks Cars And Vehicles
    Iran Auto Parts Mfg. Co. (Ipaco) Production of rings, bumpers, automotive parts & control cables Cars And Vehicles
    Supplying Automotive Parts Co. (SAPCO) Design, engineering & supplying automotive parts Cars And Vehicles
    Iran Khodro Diesel Co. Manufacturing of commercial vehicles (Diesel and CNG engines) Cars And Vehicles
    Khawar Parts Production Co. (K.P.P.Co) Designing, manufacturing, and assembly of light and commercial vehicles Cars And Vehicles
    Mehvarsazan Co. Production of axles for light- & semi-heavy vehicles Cars And Vehicles
    Mehrcam Pars Co. Manufacturing interior & exterior trim: plastic parts & A/C units for passenger cars Cars And Vehicles
    Technology In Automotive Industry Advance Mfg. Co. (T.A.M) Design & manufacture: special machine tools & equipment for automobile production Cars And Vehicles
    Top Service Co. Supplying spare parts & after sale services: Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and Mb140 vans Cars And Vehicles
    Vehicle Axle Mfg.Co. (V.A.M) Production of axles & differentials for diesel vehicles Cars And Vehicles
    Iran Khodro Spare Parts And After Sales Services Co. (ISACO) Supplying parts and after sales services for Iran Khodro Products Cars And Vehicles
    Pars Khodro Co. Automobile manufacturing Cars And Vehicles
    Desco Design, engineering & supplying of automotive parts Cars And Vehicles
    Iran Heavy Diesel Engine Mfg.Co (Desa) Manufacturing of heavy diesel engines Cars And Vehicles
    Sane Co. Manufacturing of diesel engines & Pride engine parts Cars And Vehicles
    Rena Technical Services Co. After sale services for Saipa Diesel Cars And Vehicles
    Spare Parts Production & Developing Services Of Pars Khodro Co. After sale services for Pars Khodro vehicles Cars And Vehicles
    SAIPA Vehicle manufacturing Cars And Vehicles
    Indamin-Saipa Mfg.Co Manufacturing of shock absorbers Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Heavy Dies (Iran Heavy Dies) Mfg. Co. Design & manufacturing of heavy dies for automobile bodies and high-speed Cnc machine yools Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Diesel Co. Manufacturing, design, and research (parts, painting, assembling) for trucks and minibus Cars And Vehicles
    Kaveh Khodro Saipa Co. Design and manufacturing of various "OEM" spare parts and truck components Cars And Vehicles
    Mega Motor Co. Manufacturing of automotive power train and related components Cars And Vehicles
    Plasco Kar Saipa Co. Designing & manufacturing of automotive plastic parts Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Yadak Trading Co. Spare parts and after sales services Cars And Vehicles
    Sazeh Gostar Saipa Co. Design & production of auto parts and accessories Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Azin Co. Manufacturing of vehicle seats, door panels, and trims Cars And Vehicles
    Iran Radiator Co. Manufacturing of automotive radiators and heat exchangers for generators, power plants, etc. Cars And Vehicles
    Charkheshgar Co. Manufacturer of commercial and automobile transmissions and steering assemblies Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Piston Co. Manufacturing of 2- & 4-stroke pistons & piston pins Cars And Vehicles
    Zamyad Co. Production of Iveco trucks & minibuses Cars And Vehicles
    Press Iran Co. Design and manufacture of presses and auxiliary pressline equipment Cars And Vehicles
    Abzaran Co. Production of mechanical tools and forged parts Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Malleable Co. Automotive safety and high-technology parts of cast iron Cars And Vehicles
    Saipa Engineering Manufacturing Equipment & tool design & manufacturing of dies, punches, control gauges & special tools Cars And Vehicles
    I.K.D Engineering & Procurement Co (I.K.D. Ep. Co.) Supply and engineering of parts and equipment for Iran Khodro Diesel Cars And Vehicles
    IDEM (Iranian Diesel Engine Mgf.Co.) Production of Mercedes-Benz diesel engines and related parts Cars And Vehicles
    Mashhad Wheel Mfg. Co. (M. W. M) Automobile wheel manufacture Cars And Vehicles
    IHDM - Iran Heavy Dies Manufacturing Co. Manufacture of heavy dies for the automobile industry Cars And Vehicles
    Industrial Projects Management Of Iran (IPMI) EPC turn-key petroleum, petrochemical and gas projects Oil, Gas And Energy
    Machine Sazi Arak Co. Design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of oil & gas equipment, hydro-mechanical dam equipment, steel bridges and structures Oil, Gas And Energy
    Machine Sazi Pars Co. Manufacturing of steel structures, oil storage tanks Oil, Gas And Energy
    Machine Sazi Lorestan Co. Design and fabrication of energy industry steel structures, tanks and pressure vessels Oil, Gas And Energy
    Nasb Gostar (Jonid) Co. Engineering, designing & erection of steam boilers Oil, Gas And Energy
    Neyreperse Co. Design, manufacturing & installation of energy industry equipment and projects, road & bridge construction Oil, Gas And Energy
    Petroleum Equipment Industries Co. Production of machinery & equipment for oil & gas industries Oil, Gas And Energy
    Pars International Development Eng. Co. (PIDECO) Consultancy services: designing, & engineering Oil, Gas And Energy
    Potleh Co. Design & manufacturing of powerplant equipment, oil refinery equipment, cement kiln, pressure vessels, storage tanks and steel structures Oil, Gas And Energy
    Technicon Co. General contracting and Epc execution of industrial projects, engineering and design services for industries and plants Oil, Gas And Energy
    Techno-Tar Engineering Co. Manufacturing and design of fuel dispensers, mobile stations and CNG dispensers Oil, Gas And Energy
    Paysaz Co. Manufacturing of pressure vessels, towers, storage tanks, refinery equipment Oil, Gas And Energy
    Tehran Sufa Production of industrial valves Oil, Gas And Energy
    Toos Payvand Co. Manufacture of butt welding fittings & supplier of industrial fittings, flanges and pipes Oil, Gas And Energy
    Gostaresh Shirsazi Co. Production of valves for oil & gas industries Oil, Gas And Energy
    Petrochemical Down Stream Industries Co.( PDSID) Research and consulting for petrochemical down-stream industries Oil, Gas And Energy
    Nasb Niroo Co. Erection & commissioning of power plants, civil construction projects: sub-stations & high-transmission lines Oil, Gas And Energy
    Engineering, Designing Trading Co. ( E.D.Co. ) Production of hand saw machine snd tools machine spurs Oil, Gas And Energy
    HEPCO Manufacturing and assembly of earth-moving, road construction, and material handling equipment Oil, Gas And Energy
    Heavy Duty Pump And Water Turbine Mfg Co. Heavy-duty pump and water turbine manufacture for oil and gas industry Oil, Gas And Energy
    Damafin Thermal Technology Co. Manufacture of air coolers and finned tubes Oil, Gas And Energy
    Nasbe Sanaye Azarabe Oil, Gas And Energy
    Iran Textile Industries Co. Manufacturing of ring spinning machines Machinery And Equipment
    Machine Sazi Tabriz Group Manufacturing universal and Cnc machine tools, casting, forging parts, turnout Machinery And Equipment
    Hepco Engineering & Parts Co. Design & manufacturing of parts for road construction machines Machinery And Equipment
    Wagon Pars Production, manufacture & purchase of railway vehicles Machinery And Equipment
    Wagon Parts Supplying Co. (Tav) Design, manufacturing & Supplying spare parts for rolling stock Machinery And Equipment
    Iran Locomotive Manufacturing Co. Refurbishment, repair & manufacture of locomotives Machinery And Equipment
    Jemco Production of electric motors Machinery And Equipment
    Railway Transportation Industries (RTI) Managing and linking of subcontractors and suppliers in railway transportation industries Machinery And Equipment
    Ferdows Textile Co. Implementing of spinning and weaving factory Machinery And Equipment
    Industrial nuts, bolts, engineering, trading Production of bolts, stud bolts, nuts and waders Machinery And Equipment
    Zeraa T Choob Hamoon Co. Growing eucalyptus seedling to be planted around Jiroft region Machinery And Equipment
    Pars Pirex Shargh Producing of borosilicate glass Machinery And Equipment
    Alam Ara Cpt Co. Production of TV color picture tubes and displays (Before Exploitation) Machinery And Equipment
    Zohreh Tile Co. Single firing tile production Machinery And Equipment
    Elegant Semnan Joint Venture Investments Textile Machinery And Equipment
    Luleh Gostar Esfarayen Company (LGECO) Manufacturing of pipes Machinery And Equipment
    Jiroft Cellulose Industries Co. Producer of conventional viscose Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Combine Manufacturing Company Producer and distributor of agricultural and harvesting machines Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company Design, manufacturing and sales of tractors, trailers, agricultural equipment, and light trucks Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Forging Co. Manufacturing of automotive forging parts Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Foundry Co. (Itfco) Production of cast-iron, design and manufacturing of foundry tooling patterns for tractors, engines & vehicles Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Industrial Machinery Co. Design And Manufacturing Of Industrial And Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Industrial Services Co. Designing, Manufacturing, Erection & Commissioning Of Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Motorsazan Co. Manufacturing Of Diesel And Gas Engines For Tractors, Compressors Agricultural Machinery
    Iran Tractor Commercial Co. Export, Import & After-Sale Services Of Agri-Industrial Machinery & Implements Agricultural Machinery
    Taka Co. Production Of Agricultural Equipment Agricultural Machinery
    Mines & Metals Esfarayen Industrial Complex (E.I.Co) Production Of Forged Steel Sections Mines And Metals
    Iran Foundry Materials Supplying And Distribution Co. Production & Distribution Of Foundry Materials Mines And Metals
    Pars Kani, Mineral Industries Research And Development Co. Oil & Gas Upstream Activities, A "Gc" In Mineral Industries. Mines And Metals
    Gostaresh Steel Industries Co. Implementation Of Steel Plants & Related Mines Industries Mines And Metals
    Tabriz Machine Sazi Foundry Company (TMFCO) Mines And Metals
    Arvandan Shipbuilding Co. Design, Construction, Repair and Renovation Of Steel Vessels And Offshore Structures Marine And Offshore Industries
    Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO) Shipbuilding And Ship Repairs, Construction And & Installation Of Offshore Structures Marine And Offshore Industries
    Iran Marine Industrial Co. (Sadra Co.) Shipbuilding & Ship Repair, Oil & Gas Construction, Offshore Installation, Infrastructural & Marine Projects, Epcic Projects Marine And Offshore Industries
    Offshore Industries Company (SAFF) Engineering, Procurement Construction, Installation And Commissioning Of Offshore Structures, Marine Pipe Laying And Other Related Marine And Offshore Industries
    Sadra Omid Chabahar (Originally Named "Chabahar Ship Scrapping And Vessel Parts Manufacturing Co.") Ship Building, Ship Repair, Ship Breaking Marine And Offshore Industries
    Industrial Management Institute Providing Management Education Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Institute for Productivity & Human Resource Development Consulting & Training Services Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (Amrc) Industrial Automation, Robotics, Vision Systems, Consulting In High-Tech Activities & Training Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Automotive Industries Research And Innovation Center (AIRIC) Design And Engineering Services And Prototype Manufacturing For Vehicles Training, Research And Industrial Services
    IDRO Trading Co. Export, Import, Commercial Services, Financing Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Idro International Trading Co. Import & Export And Other Commercial Activities Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Automotive Industries Consulting Engineers Co. Automotive Industries Consultants Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Information Technology Development Center (Magfa) Research & Consulting And Development Of (IT) Industry Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Industrial Consultants (IIC) Engineering And Industrial Consultancy Services In Fields Of Machineries & Equipment, Forging And Foundry, Industrial Buildings Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Info-Tech Development Co. Information Technology, Computer Production, Software, Hardware, Communication And Education Development Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co. Consultancy Services For Quality Management, Training Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Travel Agency Co Ltd. Domestic & International Air Travel Services Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Welding Research & Engineering Center Industrial Research In Welding Fields Training, Research And Industrial Services
    MANA - Industrial Development & Renovation Construction Company Civil Engineering & Construction Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Nashr Gostar Co. Trading & Setting Up Exhibitions Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Nosaz Construction & Services Co. Designing, Consulting, Renovation & Maintenance Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Rena Industrial Group Investment Co. Investment. As of 2010, 85% of its portfolio invested in the automotive sector Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Shiraz Special Economic Zone Developing Shiraz Electronic Economic Zone Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran International General Contraction Co. Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services For Offshore & Onshore Major Industrial Projects Related To Oil, Gas And Petrochemical Industries. Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Industrial Renovation Company Of Iran (I.R.C.I) Facilitate Effective Participation In Global Market And Elevate Competitiveness Potentials Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Industrial And Engineering Inspection Co. Of Iran (IEI) Quality And Quantity Inspection Covering Sampling, Analysis, Witness Testing Of Cargo. Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Nimeh Hadi Emad/Emad Semicon Co. Design And Manufacturing Of Electronic Integrated Circuit For Telecommunication, Automation, And Information Technology Industries Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Industrial Development Investment Co. Investment Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Advanced Materials Industrial Development Co. (Amid Co.) Development, Investment And Contribution In Establishment Of Advanced Material Industries Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Biotechnology Development Company Development Of Biotechnology Industry Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Alborz Industrial City Co. (A.I.C.Co) Presenting Overall Urban Services And Facilities Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Fars Industrial And Export Development Developing Shiraz Special Electronic Economic Zone Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Rasht Industrial City Co Presentation Of Civil Services Construction Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Educational Equipment Industries Designing, Production And Supply Of Educational Equipment, Teaching Aids And Tools For All Kinds Of Teaching Center, Laboratory And Workshop Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Shahrake Tahgigatie Kavosh Preparation City, Road, Electricity, Water Appliances Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Life science Industry Development Company (LIDCO) Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Entrepreneurship Development Company Of Iran (EDCO) Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Management of Construction Projects Iran/Modiriat Projehaye Sakhtemany Iran (MAPSA) Training, Research And Industrial Services
    Iran Aviation Industries Co. Study And Research On Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Aviation Industries

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    Website:http:// www.idro.org

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