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    زبانهای ایران مرکزی

    (Wikipedia) - Western Iranian languages   (Redirected from Central Iran languages) Western Iranian Geographic distribution: Linguistic classification: Subdivisions: Glottolog:
    Southwest Asia, Central Asia, and western South Asia
    • Indo-Iranian
      • Iranian
        • Western Iranian
    • Northwestern Iranian
    • Southwestern Iranian (Persid)

    The Western Iranian languages are a branch of the Iranian languages, attested from the time of Old Persian (6th century BC) and Median.


    The traditional Northwestern branch is a convention for non-Southwestern languages, rather than a genetic group. The languages are as follows:

    Old IranianMiddle IranianNeo-Iranian

    Also Khalaj (incertae sedis)

    The dialects of Central Iran are a geographic rather than genetic grouping. They are spoken mostly in Markazi and Isfahan provinces. Many of them are giving way to Persian language among the younger generations.

    Warduji is unclassified. It is probably a variety of Persian, but is not readily intelligible to speakers of standard Iranian Persian.

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