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    * Extreme points of Iran *

    دورترین نقاط ایران

    Towns, cities, and Islands Northernmost — Tikemeh-ye-Bala, West Azarbaijan (39°30′N) Southernmost — Abumusa (Island), Hormozgan (25°52′N) Southernmost — Pusht (Town), Sistan & Balochestan (25°05′N) Westernmost — Sufi Ali, West Azarbaijan (40°05′E) Easternmost — Kuhak, Sistan and Baluchestan (63°13′E)Elevation extremes Lowest point: Caspian Sea level: −28 m Highest point: Mount Damavand: 5,610 m (Wikipedia) - Extreme points of Iran

    This is a list of the extreme points of Iran.

    Towns, cities, and Islands Elevation extremes

    Tags:Abu Musa, Azarbaijan, Azerbaijan, Baluchestan, Caspian, Caspian Sea, Damavand, Extreme points of Iran, Hormozgan, Iran, Mount Damavand, Musa, Sistan, West Azerbaijan, Wikipedia

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