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The title or description "supreme leader" typically refers to the person among a number of leaders of a state, organization or other such group who has been given or is able to exercise the most – or complete – authority over it. In a religion, this role is usually satisfied by a person deemed to be the representative or manifestation of a god or gods on Earth. In politics, a supreme leader usually has a cult of personality associated with them, such as Adolf Hitler (the Führer) in Germany; Benito Mussolini (Il Duce) in Italy; Joseph Stalin (Vozhd) in the Soviet Union; and the Supreme Leader of Iran or Supreme Leader of North Korea.

There have been many dictators and political party leaders who have assumed such personal and/or political titles to evoke their supreme authority. World War II, for example, saw many fascist and other far right figures model their rule on Hitler''s Führer or Mussolini''s Duce personae. On the far left, several socialist and so-called communist leaders adopted "Supreme"-styled titles and/or followed Stalin''s Vozhd example.


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