Image Remarks: One of tens of thousands of Achaemenid foundation Tablets (#040428) lent to the University of Chicago. These clay tablets depict inner workings of the administration of the ancient Persian Empire. Clues&Views:The fact that a Zionist US Federal Judge ordered to confiscate the invaluable collection of Achaemenid Tablets loaned to Chicago University’s Oriental Institute is a broad daylight act of theft and disrespect to world historical heritage and can only be named a barbaric judicial system. The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute returned a set of 300 ancient Iranian tablets in 2004. The 300 tablets made of clay and impressed in cuneiform, record administrative details of the Persian heartland from about 500 B.C. They are among a group of tens of thousands of tablets and tablet fragments that were loaned to the University’s Oriental Institute in 1937 to be studied. A group of 179 complete tablets was returned in 1948, and another group of more than 37,000 tablet fragments was returned in 1951.

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1.An oriental teahouse in the historical Masouleh village near Fouman adorn with colorful tribal Kilims, and hand-made pottery. Masouleh has an age of eight hundred to a thousand years and the local artists did their best to preserve the its ambiance. 2.Masouleh, a gateway to Heavens. View from the inside a souvenir shop featuring traditional handicrafts from around Iran. A perfect spot to buy colorful gifts for the loved ones. Pottery, glassworks, woodworks, and paintings are most popular. 3.An oriental Carpet, Kilim and Rugs store in Masouleh. Products such as kilim (rug made of goat’s hair), Jajim (a carpet made of wool or cotton), Chamush (traditional shoes), clothes, knives and silk scarves are some of the items sold at the old bazaar. 4.Colorful handwoven dolls: one of iconic handicrafts presented to tourists as souvenirs along with socks bath-cloths and gloves at the historicl Masouleh village in Gilan Province. The photo was taken near the main Bazaar (market) area. 5.A Persian weblog has created a mock graphic poster of the French President Fracois Hollande reporting live for PressTV in front of the Eiffel Tower in order to protest a ban on the Iranian news channel, a hypocracy showcase of democracy.
6.A 4-door Dodge 1945 traveing along the Jaddeh Chaloos (Road 59) in Iran probably owned by a VIP because only the American Army could have imported it. The narrow bridge pependacular to the river is typical of the World War II era. 7.Kharg Island is a continental island in the Persian Gulf 483 km northwest of the Strait of Hormuz administered by the adjacent coastal Bushehr Province, provides a sea port for Iranian exports, Kharg is known historically as a source for quality pearls. 8.Sun sets beautifully behind a palm tree in Minoo Island of the Persian Gulf, close to the city of Abadan. The city of Minooshahr is a major touristic spot, specially for the residents of Abadan and Khorramshahr for its natural beauty. 9.Qajar Dynasty 5000 Dinars silver coin (equals 5 Gheran) with the name of Mozaffaroddin Shah mint 1320LH Tehran. The coin bearing the images of Lion & Sun, crown, olive & oak leaves is popular and traded around $100 among collectors. 10.Bronze Horse Bit Lorestan area Neo-Elamite Period 1st millenium B.C. findings include items like  cups, horse bits, daggers, and shields, ornamented with animal motifs checkerboards, wavy lines, and crosses by Scythian, Cimmerian, or Median nomads.
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1.In an undated photo Mohammad Reza Shah is seen dancing with Queen Farah Pahlavi to the American Tune 2.Public execution of convicts which was an ususal scene in Iran, drawing international criticism because it was abused by western corporate media. The guy in the middle seems to be happy though. 3.Hollywood superstar Elizabeth Taylor was invited on Iran Air s inaugural nonstop flight from New York to Tehran and visited touristic attractions such as ruins of Achaemenid city of Perspolis in 1976. 4.Iranian front : Collection of photos from Iran Iraq war scenes 5.Iran Iraq War Training Soldiers
6.Zoroaster in USA! Life size marble statue of Zoroaster by Edward C Potter (1857-1923) on the cornice of New York Appellate Court Building in Madison Square Park representing Persian Law since 1950. 7.Safavid king Shah Abbas 1st in a Book 	by Dominicus Custos, Atrium heroicum, Augsburg 1600-1602. Shah Abbas The Great  (January 27, 1571 – January 19, 1629) was generally considered the greatest ruler of the Safavid dynasty. 8.Falak Punishment Beating Feet Qajar 9.Sassanid era Markooh Castle is located near Ramsar on the road to Tonekabon. Markooh castle has been renovated and used in different post-Islamic periods as a military base during raids. The western wall is 10m long and still remains intact. 10.Ostad Shakiba, an Iranian artist s rendering of Artemis , the first female Iranian admiral.