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Shahpur II Zolaktaf,Shapour II

شاپور دوم ، شاهپور 2 ذوالاکتاف

Shapour II (309-379) became king when he was still a fetus! During Shapour II's reign, the Sassanid Empire reached its golden glory again.After the death of the Sassanid king Hormazd II (302-309), courtiers killed his eldest son, blinded the second, and imprisoned the third. The throne was reserved for Shapour II, the unborn child of one of the wives of Hormazd II. Shapour II is the only king in history to be crowned in uterus: the crown was placed on his mother's belly. Shapour II was thus born king; the government was conducted by his mother and a council. When Shapour II became king, he turned out to be one of the greatest monarchs of the Sassanid Empire.In 331, he defeated Arab tribes who had invaded from Bahrain; Shapour II ordered their expulsion to the area near Kerman. It's been reported that their shoulders had been punctured to let a rope get through as a punishment and that is how Shapour II earned the title Zolaktaf..

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