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    * Psamtik 3 *

    Psammetichius, Psammeticus,Psamtik III

    پسام متیخ

    Psamtik III was the son of the pharaoh Amasis II and Queen Takheta. Psamtik III was the last Pharaoh of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt 526 BC - 525 BC. After Pharaoh Amasis II heard that Cyrus the Great had died, he sought an opportunity to annex Syria. He appointed his son Psamtik III as the army leader. Psamtik had ruled Egypt for only six months before Egypt was conquered by King Cambyses II of Persia. Psamtik was defeated at Pelusium, and fled to Memphis where he was captured and there are two accounts: 1. Psamtik III was executed in Susa. 2. Cambyses spared his life.The graphic on Persian seal supports the latter story, better.

    Tags:Cambyses, Cyrus, Cyrus the Great, Dynasty, Egypt, Memphis, Pelusium, Persia, Persian, Pharaoh, Psamtik 3, Susa, Syria

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