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January, 28, 2009 A.D.:
EU Protects MKO Terrorists

(FNA) - The European Union's decision to take the anti-Iran terrorist group MKO off its blacklist has caused angry reactions in the Iranian society.Iran's Attorney General Ghorbanali Dorri Najafabadi condemned the EU action and called it an unjustifiable measure.Najafabadi said the action indicates ... Read Full Article:


February, 5, 2009 A.D.:
Ahmadinejad Asks World Powers To Be Polite

(SPACEWAR) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked world powers on Thursday to be "polite" in dealing with Tehran, a day after diplomats from six countries met to discuss the nuclear standoff."Bullying powers should learn how to speak correctly and be polite so Iran's cultured and peace-loving... Read Full Article:


February, 10, 2009 A.D.:
Parthian Battery Replicated

(FNA) - Iran has rebuilt the world's oldest battery, dating back to the Parthian Dynasty, to explore theories about its usage 2,200 years ago.The Parthian Battery is the name given to galvanic cells found in an ancient tomb near Khujut Rabu in 1936 just outside modern day Baghdad.The battery consis... Read Full Article:


February, 14, 2009 A.D.:
Blast Kills Four Iranian Police Near Pakistan

(FNA) - Four members of Iran's security forces were killed by an explosion set off in a booby-trap attack by rebels near the Pakistani border.The state-run radio reported late on Friday that the four policemen were buried the same day in the city of Zahedan in southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan provinc... Read Full Article:


February, 16, 2009 A.D.:
Israel Indicted For War Crimes

(FNA) - More than 5700 Iranian lawyers indicted Israeli Leaders for their war crimes and genocide in Gaza onslaught based on domestic and international laws.The lawyers submitted their appeal to Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Shahroudi.Israel's recent military operation in Gaza killed some 1,400 ... Read Full Article:


February, 16, 2009 A.D.:
Five Die In Iran Plane Crash

(FNA)- An Antonov training aircraft crashed in central Iran killing all five people on board on Feb, 16, 2009.The aircraft crashed near Shahin Shahr, a town about 30 km north of the central Iranian city of Isfahan. The plane was incinerated in the crash, killing the pilot and four crew members.On No... Read Full Article:


April, 11, 2009 A.D.:
US Plots Against Iran/Syria Uncovered

(Wikipedia) - The Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group (ISOG) was an interagency organization formed in early 2006 within the U.S. government, consisting of officials from the State Department, White House, Central Intelligence Agency, Treasury Department, and other agencies that worked, to influe... Read Full Article:


June, 12, 2009 A.D.:
Presidential Election Shakes Iran

The 9th presidential elections took place on 12 June 2009 with a high participation. The official results which declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner, were rejected by all three opposition candidates, who claimed that the votes were manipulated and the election was rigged.During the days that foll... Read Full Article:


June, 14, 2009 A.D.:
Raids On University Dormitories

(Wikipedia) - The 2009 Iranian university dormitory raids took place on June 14, 2009 (or 24 Khordad in the Iranian calendar) at various university dormitories throughout Iran. The raids were carried out by the state-sponsored Basij militiamen against students suspected of having participated in the... Read Full Article:


June, 20, 2009 A.D.:
Neda Brutally Murdered In Protests

The footage of the death of a 26 year old Iranian girl; Neda Agha Soltan drew international attention after she was killed during the 2009 Iranian election protests. The protests erupted after allegations of widespread fraud at the polls. Neda's death was captured on video and broadcast over the int... Read Full Article:


July, 15, 2009 A.D.:
168 Die In Plane Crash

(AP) - A Russian-made jetliner carrying 168 people nose-dived into a field after taking off from the Iranian capital on Wednesday in a fiery crash that shredded the aircraft and killed everyone aboard — Iran's worst air disaster in six years. Witnesses say the plane's tail was on fire before it we... Read Full Article:


July, 31, 2009 A.D.:
Detention Of American Hikers/Spies

(Wikipedia) - On July 31, 2009, three Americans, Sarah Shourd (32), Shane Bauer (28) and Joshua Fattal (28), were taken into custody by Iranian border guards for allegedly crossing into Iran while hiking near the Iranian border in Iraqi Kurdistan.2009–2011 detention of Americans by Iran:Iran was s... Read Full Article:


August, 1, 2009 A.D.:
Presidential Poll Protests Trial

(Wikipedia) – After announcement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the presidential elections held on June, 12 2009 and allegations of fraud, protests erupted around Iran which followed a crackdown on dissidents. - 2009 Iran poll protests trial:On August 1, 2009, 110 people were put on tria... Read Full Article:


August, 9, 2009 A.D.:
Report Of Prisoner Abuse In IRI

Allegations of prisoner abuse were associated with the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran since its foundation. Although news of torture, sexual misconduct and brief executions shook the world, voices were briefly silenced and Nazi style propaganda machine created headlines that quickly pushe... Read Full Article:


September, 22, 2009 A.D.:
IRIAF Ilyushin Il-76 Accident

(Wikipedia) - The 2009 Iranian Air Force Ilyushin IL-76MD accident of September, 22 2009 resulted in the destruction of Iran's only functional Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft, an Ilyushin IL-76MD. Sources conflict on the cause of the loss, with some stating that there was a mid-... Read Full Article:


October, 12, 2009 A.D.:
Hafez-Goethe Dialogue In Germany

(Persia Note) - For the first time in the Western world, Hafez Memorial Day was ceremonially inaugurated in Weimar, Germany on October 12, 2009. It was the first West-östlicher Diwan (West-East Divan) Festival with Iran as the guest country taking place under the patronage of Germany’s Foreign Mi... Read Full Article:


December, 22, 2009 A.D.:
Shiraz Biogas Power Plant Operational

(Wikipedia) - In accordance with stable global development, special role has been assigned to renewable resources of energy in international plans and policies, Iran Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA) has been working on this issue since 1995 in order to achieve updated information and technology ... Read Full Article:


December, 27, 2009 A.D.:
Electin Protests On Ashura

(Wikipedia) - The 2009 Ashura protests were a series of protests which occurred on 27 December 2009 in Iran against the outcome of the June 2009 Iranian presidential election, which demonstrators claim was rigged. The demonstrations were part of the 2009 Iranian election protests and were the larges... Read Full Article:


December, 30, 2009 A.D.:
Massive Pro-Government Rallies

(Wikipedia) - On December 30, 2009, pro-government demonstrations took place in Shiraz, Arak, Qom, Isfahan and Tehran, among other cities in Iran to protest recent anti-government demonstrations connected with the much disputed 2009 presidential election. Participants numbered in the tens or hundred... Read Full Article:

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