The year 1996 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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January, 28, 1996 A.D.:
Shiites Silenced In Bahrain

A resurgence of civil unrest in the Shiite Muslim villages that surround capital Manama was silenced by force in Bahrain. Hundreds of people were put in jail in connection with the disturbances. The arrests, including those of leading Shiite clerics, have added to political and sectarian tensions in... Read Full Article:


February, 11, 1996 A.D.:
Farrakhan Visits Iran

Louis Farrakhan visited Iran attending a rally marking the 17th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In a speech he made, he told the crowd tha their country had become a model religious democracy. He praised the Iranian model and added "If America wants the world to be democratic, Iran has had... Read Full Article:


April, 9, 1996 A.D.:
Party Of God Strikes Israel Back

Iranian backed Hezbollah resistance army fired Katyusha rockets on Israel, as a response to massive air raids that caused many civilian casualties, Hezbollah thus waged a war in a relentless campaign to drive Israeli occupiers out of southern Lebanon. Founded after an Israeli invasion in 1982, Hezbo... Read Full Article:

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