The year 1934 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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May, 3, 1934 A.D.:
No Foreign Words In Formal Communications

On May, 3, 1934, notes on a regulation circulated by the Treasury outlines the necessity to use Persian words for official communications specially when it comes to foreign currencies and units of measurements. At the age of modernization, using foreign words becomes fashion. At the beginning of the... Read Full Article:


June, 11, 1934 A.D.:
Reza Shah Visits Turkey

Reza Shah took off on his only travel to a foreign country on June, 2, 1934. He was accompanied by 17 people, mostly high ranking military officers. A brief background of Iran-Turkey Relations : Reza Shah was the first person to congratulated Ataturk after foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 192... Read Full Article:


August, 10, 1934 A.D.:
Pars News Agency Founded

During a visit to Turkey, Reza Shah became interested in opening a similar institution to the Anatolia news agency. That's how Pars News Agency came to life. The primary duty of this organization was defined as : Reporting government decisions, Parliament legislations, and activities related to Iran... Read Full Article:

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