The year 1914 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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April, 14, 1914 A.D.:
Borrowing For Coronation Ceremony

A well depiction of the extent of misery the Qajar dynasty was in before coming to an end; The government announced borrowing One hundred thousand Liras from the British bank at regular interest rates in order to cover expenses of the coronation ceremony of Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king-to-be on t... Read Full Article:


May, 20, 1914 A.D.:
British Royal Navy Invests In Iran

It was inevitable for the British navy to switch from coal to oil. However, it was necessary to secure cheap and abundant resources. Churchill appointed admiral Edmund Slade as the head of a commission in order to investigate capabilities of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. The commission pointed out ... Read Full Article:


December, 6, 1914 A.D.:
Majlis Third Term Begins

Parliamentary elections were held in Persia in 1914. The Democratic Party won 31% of the seats, whilst the Social Democratic Party won 24%. The new Parliament convened on 6 December.The third Majlis term started on Dec, 6, 1914. But its life was short and did not last more than a year. During the Wo... Read Full Article:

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