The year 1911 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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February, 3, 1911 A.D.:
First Head Of Parliament Assassinated

Morteza Gholi Khan commonly known as Sanioddoleh, the first Majlis Speaker was assassinated in Tehran on Feb, 3, 1911. He was born in Tehran in 1856. After finishing higher education in Germany, he returned to Iran and was appointed as the head of the Post and Customs office. He was the founder of t... Read Full Article:


May, 7, 1911 A.D.:
Morgan Shuster Comes To Iran

After the French counselor Bizot was dismissed, American Morgan Shuster arrived in Tehran on May, 12, 1911. Iran had entered the 20th century officially bankrupt and all attempts to modernize the country had failed. Shuster succeeded in reorganizing the tax office in less than eight months against t... Read Full Article:


July, 17, 1911 A.D.:
Russia Pops Up Puppet Shah

A couple of years after fleeing the country, Mohammad Ali Shah landed near Astarabad on a Russian vessel on July, 17, 1911. The Russian Cossacks, with the help of some Turcoman mercenaries proceeded towards Tehran. His brother Salaroddoleh had also gathered some forces and attacked Kurdistan. After ... Read Full Article:


July, 29, 1911 A.D.:
Shah Wanted, Dead Or Alive

Mohammad Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty had to flee the country after the Constitutional Monarchy Movement succeeded in capturing Tehran. He first sought refuge at the Russian embassy and then fled to Europe. He then put together an army with the help of Russians and entered the Iranian territory to rega... Read Full Article:


September, 20, 1911 A.D.:
Nobel Brothers Rasht Pipeline

During the second term of the young Iranian Parliament (Majlis) a bill was approved which granted rights to an oil pipeline to Nobel Brothers on Sep, 20, 1911. This pipeline connected Rasht to Bijar Khaleh, a small port by the Caspian Sea. The Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, al... Read Full Article:


November, 28, 1911 A.D.:
Second Russian Ultimatum

Russia gave its first ultimatum to Iran on Nov, 11, 1911 which resulted in resignation of the government. However, Iran's backing up from confiscation of Shoaossaltaneh's properties and an official apology did not satisfy Tzarist Russia. On Nov, 28, 1911 a second ultimatum was given to Iran by which... Read Full Article:

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