The year 480 B.C.

in the Iranian History

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August, 10, 480 B.C.:
Spartans Crushed At Thermopylae

After 3 days of intensive fight at a narrow pass along the coast called Thermopylae, Iranian mountain troops leaded by Hydarnes composed of 1,000 units succeeded to bypass the passage and showed up on the rear of the Spartans. The Persians, leaded by Xerxes I were easily able to outflank them. The ... Read Full Article:


August, 11, 480 B.C.:
Naval Battle Of Artemisium

The naval battle of Artemisium took place between a Greek alliance and Iranians while the battle at Thermopylae was still being fought. Euribiades, the Spartan commander decided to attack the Iranian navy with 127 triremes thinking that this would stop the food supply to the Iranian army which was p... Read Full Article:


September, 27, 480 B.C.:
The Battle Of Salamis

After taking care of the revolts in Egypt and Babylon, Xerxes turned towards Greece which was interfering in the areas in Persian realm using a hit and run tactic. Xerxes deployed a great army accompanied by a fleet of naval forces to Greece and soon after crushing a resistance in Thermopylae entere... Read Full Article:


September, 27, 480 B.C.:
Persians Capture Athens

King Dariush the Great was preparing for an expedition to Greece before he died in November 486. His son Xerxes succeeded him and as soon as he suppressed rebellions in Egypt and Babylon, a large army of 600,000 was gathered at Sardes to start an expedition towards west. After victories in Artemisiu... Read Full Article:


October, 19, 480 B.C.:
Xerxes' Alliance With Carthage

Xerxes signs an alliance with Carthage in order to create a barrier against the Greek and keep them busy in far away battles. The Anatolian cities of Iran were frequently invaded by the Greek and it was risky to deploy armies to this area besides high costs. This treaty lasted for 70 years until 410... Read Full Article:

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