The Iranian History on this day :

December, 20

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December, 20, 1729 A.D.:
Tahmasp Restored To Throne In Isfahan

After Nader's decisive victory at Mehmandoost, Nader came in sight of the enemy stationed at an advantagous position on a hill near Isfahan on the evening of Nov, 12. Nader sent his best Kurdish men for surveillence. They slew about four hundred of the rebels, and returned at night with several pris... Read Full Article:


December, 20, 1923 A.D.:
Oil Deal Signed With Sinclair

The Iranian government signed an agreement that gave exclusive rights to petroleum resources of 4 northern provinces to the American Sinclair company in return for a %10 share and ten million dollars loan. Prime minister Reza khan expressed his content with the deal in a celebration ceremony in Tehr... Read Full Article:

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