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November, 22

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November, 22, 1267 A.D.:
Earthquake Destroys Neishabour

A very strong earthquake jolts the historical city of Neishabour and destroys it totally leaving many dead and wounded. The city was rebuilt in three years. Neishabour a city known for being the birthplace of Omar Khayyam became a very important city during the Sassanid era. Neishabour once became ... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1617 A.D.:
War Inherited From Sultan Ahmet

Sultan Ahmet Khan of the Ottoman Empire died on Nov, 22, 1617 shortly after appointing Khalil Pasha as the Grand Vezir of the Ottoman court who had gathered a massive army in Diyarbakir for a general assault on Iran.The new Sultan Mustafa Khan considered peace with Iran and freed the Iranian envoy G... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1909 A.D.:
13 Year Old Becomes Last Qajar King

After 5 months of political chaos, the high council of the constitutional monarchy stripped Mohammad Ali Shah off his powers as king due to his negligence towards constitution and seeking shelter at the Russian embassy, and then appointed 13 year old Ahmad Shah as the new king. Some evidences sugges... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1959 A.D.:
Mohammad Reza Shah Marries Farah

After Mohammad Reza Shah's first two wives could not give him a son, he marries his third wife; Farah Diba. Shah's marriage to his first wife Fouziyeh and their separation is a mystery but his second wife Sorayya was barren and a heir was needed for the crown. Shah who was also a well-trained pilot... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1986 A.D.:
US Arms Deal With Iran Revealed

U.S. Department of Justice announces finding memo in Colonel Oliver North's office that proves money transfer of $12 million to Nicaragua contra guerillas from arms sale to Iran. Caspar Weinberger, former defence secretary was pardonned by President Bush I before his case known as Irangate scandal c... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1997 A.D.:
European Envoys Back In Tehran

EU members withdrew their envoys in April, 1997 after a German court implicated some Iranian officials in the killing of four Kurdish dissidents at a restaurant in Berlin. Iran's response was recalling ambassadors from European Union states that had summoned their Tehran envoys home for consultation... Read Full Article:


November, 22, 1998 A.D.:
Assassination Of Dariush Forouhar

Dariush Forouhar,70 and his wife Parvaneh, 56 were violently murdered in their home in Hedayat Street of Tehran. Forouhar was a well known nationalist that was very active in Iranian political scene. He was the founder of Pan Iranist party, and became the leader of Iran Mellat party, and was one of ... Read Full Article:

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