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August, 09

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August, 9, 833 A.D.:
Al Motasem Becomes Caliph

Al Motasem was hailed Abbasi Caliph on Aug, 9, 833 succeeding his half brother Mamun. He was the son of Harunolrashid and a Turkic slave mother.One of the most difficult challenges to Caliph Motasem, as faced by his predecessor, was the uprising of Babak Khorramdin, an Iranian commander who rebelled... Read Full Article:


August, 9, 1052 A.D.:
Toghrol Captures Isfahan

Toghrol, the founder of the Seljuk dynasty captured Isfahan after one year of siege. He and his brother Chaghri had taken refuge in Kharazm after being defeated by Mahmoud Ghaznavi. After Mahmoud's death, they entered Khorasan , where they gradually built a power base, returning to defeat Mahmoud's ... Read Full Article:


August, 9, 1578 A.D.:
Ottomans Capture Caucasia

The peace between the Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire after the treaty of Amasya continued from 1555 to 1578. When Sultan Murat III of the Ottoman Empire ascended to throne in 1574, As a gesture of goodwill, Shah Tahmasp 1 of Persia sent presents to Murat III. But before the Persian delegation lef... Read Full Article:


August, 9, 1919 A.D.:
Iran-Britain Treaty Signed Secretly

Vosooghoddoleh, the prime minister of Ahmad Shah secretly signed a treaty with the British that gave them exclusive rights to use Iran's roads and railroads. The agreement also gave Britain the authority over Iran's military and financial institutions. Vosooghoddoleh and some other officials had bee... Read Full Article:


August, 9, 2009 A.D.:
Report Of Prisoner Abuse In IRI

Allegations of prisoner abuse were associated with the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran since its foundation. Although news of torture, sexual misconduct and brief executions shook the world, voices were briefly silenced and Nazi style propaganda machine created headlines that quickly pushe... Read Full Article:

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