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July, 18

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July, 18, 1342 A.D.:
Sarbedaran's Early Downfall

After 120 years of Mongol and Tatar rule over Iran, the Sarbedaran uprising was a significant movement against tyranny leading to establishment of an independent Iranian Shiite state in Khorasan centered in Sabzevar. Following this movement, many other cities revolted and created a golden page in th... Read Full Article:


July, 18, 1924 A.D.:
Mob Murders U. S. Vice Consul In Tehran

At the Arlington cemetery in Texas, U.S.A. lies Robert Whitney Imbrie who became victim of a mob attack in Tehran. The unfortunate event created a scar in the face of the Iranian history. It was the time of a transition from Qajar to Pahlavi dynasty after the collapse of the republican movement in M... Read Full Article:


July, 18, 1988 A.D.:
End Of 8 Year Iran-Iraq War

Iran decided to call off the war with Iraq because there was growing opposition to it among Iranians. Khomeini described his decision to end the war as bitter as poison. Iran finally was forced to accept the UN resolution #598 and made peace with Iraq having regained its territories two weeks after ... Read Full Article:


July, 18, 1994 A.D.:
Iran Blamed For Bombing In Argentina

A bomb destroyed the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires killing 85 and wounding more than 200 on July, 18. The van used in the attack was altered with parts of other vehicles to build a better bomb. To direct the full force of the blast, an interior side of the van was reinforced with steel bag... Read Full Article:

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