The Iranian History on this day :

July, 17

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July, 17, 1487 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Is Born

Shah Ismail, the mastermind of the new glorious Safavid dynasty was born on this day. His father Sultan Heydar was a warrior. In a series of battles beween 1500 and 1502 Shah Ismail defeated great enemies including Ak Koyunlu Turcomans and seized power. He proclaimed kingdom and declared Shiite fait... Read Full Article:


July, 17, 1911 A.D.:
Russia Pops Up Puppet Shah

A couple of years after fleeing the country, Mohammad Ali Shah landed near Astarabad on a Russian vessel on July, 17, 1911. The Russian Cossacks, with the help of some Turcoman mercenaries proceeded towards Tehran. His brother Salaroddoleh had also gathered some forces and attacked Kurdistan. After ... Read Full Article:


July, 17, 1947 A.D.:
Majlis Fifteenth Terms Begins

The 15th Majlis term started on Jul, 17, 1947.Important bills passed by Majlis during this term were:- Resolution disapproving the March 26th agreement on formation of Iran-Soviet petroleum company.- Allocation of revenues from South Oil production for public infrastructure and industrial promotion ... Read Full Article:

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