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July, 05

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July, 5, 527 A.D.:
Order Restored In Darband

Ghobad I of Sassanid dynasty repelled Khazars to the other side of the Volga river. After clearing the Caucasia from nomadic tribes, reconstruction of the city of Darband was started. His son, Khosrau Anoushirvan was assigned as the supervisor for the fortification project including walls as tall as... Read Full Article:


July, 5, 1606 A.D.:
Ganjeh Taken Back From Ottomans

The epic defeat of Ottoman army of 100,000 men headed by Sinan Pasha in 1605 provided Shah Abbas the morals to complete his conquest of Greater Azarbaijan. He marched towards north Azarbaijan in winter of 1604 taking his time for the forces of Allahverdi Khan to return from Fars and join his camp in... Read Full Article:


July, 5, 1974 A.D.:
Shah Visits France

The entire French Cabinet lined up at the Paris Orly Airport to welcome Mohammad Reza Shah and his Queen Farah Pahlavi. President Valery Giscard d'Estaing skipped the NATO summit in Brussels to welcome the Iranian leader, who was welcomed at the Versailles Palace with fireworks and dances. By the we... Read Full Article:

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