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June, 28

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June, 28, 330 B.C.:
Greeks Adopt Achaemenid Calendars

While cities of the Achaemenid Empire were being captured one after another by Macedonian Alexander, among many booties recovered from the Persian civilization, Iranian achievements in science and technology were quickly adopted by the Greeks. It is important to note that even a simple innovation su... Read Full Article:


June, 28, 1540 A.D.:
Indian King Seeks Assylum In Iran

Homayoon Shah, the Mughal emperor of India who was defeated in a battle against an Afghan warlord fled into the Iranian borders and sought asylum at the court of Safavi dynasty. India had entered a time of chaos and civil wars. Right after Homayoon Shah entered Qazvin, Shah Tahmasp of Safavi dynasty... Read Full Article:


June, 28, 1987 A.D.:
Sardasht, Chemical Hiroshima

Sardasht should be registered in human history just like Hiroshima as a city who became victim of weapons of mass destruction. Sardasht was the first city where nerve gas was used that killed civilians. On June, 28, 1987, the city of Sardasht and its neighboring villages became target of chemical bo... Read Full Article:

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