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June, 26

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June, 26, 363 A.D.:
The Battle Of Samara

After more than 2 years in preparation for a counter-strike against Iran, Julianus Apostata gathered an unprecedented army of 90,000 Franks, Germans, and Croatians to punish Shapour 2. He used Shapour's absence from capital as an opportunity and marched towards Tisfun on March, 5, 363. Shapour's mai... Read Full Article:


June, 26, 1723 A.D.:
Russians Capture Baku

In the midst of a civil war in Iran and circumstances that led to fall of the Safavi dynasty, Russian troops took advantage of the situation and captured the city of Baku. Meanwhile most Iranian territories became the stage of chaos and human tragedies that followed the capture of capital Isfahan by... Read Full Article:


June, 26, 1835 A.D.:
Ghaem Magham Farahani Killed

One year after his accession to the throne, Mohammad Shah ordered the arrest of Ghaem Magham Farahani on June, 21, 1835. He was kept at the basement of the Negarestan Palace for 5 days. He was strangled to death on June, 26 because the Shah had an oath not to have his blood on his hand. His body was... Read Full Article:


June, 26, 1941 A.D.:
Iran Declares Neutrality At WWII

5 days after Nazi Germany's invasion into Soviets, Iran declared it's neutrality in the WWII. The Soviet government declared it's satisfaction from this decision. Reza Shah of Iran also asked Germany to evacuate extra citizens from Iran so that there would be no pretext. However, one month later the... Read Full Article:

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