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June, 19

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June, 19, 747 A.D.:
Abu Muslim Uprising

Abu Muslim was the messenger of Ebrahim Imam. He delivered his letters and preached his teachings in Khorasan. Abbasi Caliph Marwan became suspicious of Ebrahim Imam, and tried to contain him. After Imam's suspicious death, as he was probably instructed, Abu Muslim started his liberation movement. H... Read Full Article:


June, 19, 1124 A.D.:
Hassan Sabbah Dies

The darkest days of the Iranian history is associated with the Turkic tribal invasions, not only because of misery inflicted on citizens but also due to the fact that Iranians could no longer live as farmers because of constant attacks from bandits. This period generated a cult of Ismailism leaded b... Read Full Article:


June, 19, 1598 A.D.:
Shah Abbas Meets Shirley Brothers

English fortune hunters, the Shirley brothers met with Shah Abbas of Safavi dynasty in Qazvin, Iran's capital. Shah Abbas was seeking to modernize the army and decided to use the modern know-how. After signing a peace treaty with the Ottomans in 1589, he went to war with Uzbeks who had occupied Khor... Read Full Article:


June, 19, 1779 A.D.:
Abolfath Khan Ascends Zand Throne

Following Zaki Khan's sudden death, on June 19, 1779 Abolfath Khan became the sole ruler of Persia. He was a son of Karimkhan and there seemed to be no dispute on his legitimacy. Zaki Khan was a very influential person and his death created a power vacuum which many were waiting for. In this power ... Read Full Article:


June, 19, 1953 A.D.:
CIA Agent Kermit Creeps In

The CIA agent Kim Roosevelt (Kermit) is a less known figure in Iranian history compared to his great role in Operation TP-AJAX. Kim was the coordinator of the coup against Dr. Mosaddegh. Kim was also the bastard grandson of American president Theodore Roosevelt.Shortly prior to the 1952 presidential... Read Full Article:

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