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June, 05

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June, 5, 154 B.C.:
Mehrdad I Captures Babylon

Mehrdad I succeeded his brother Farhad I and turned Parthia into a major political power. He drove back the Seleucid rulers from Bactria, Persia, Media, and Mesopotamia city after city. He gained control of the royal road built during the Achaemenid and established trade along the silk road that was... Read Full Article:


June, 5, 1792 A.D.:
Zand / Qajar Clash Near Perspolis

After Haji Ebrahim defected to Qajars, in exchange of becoming the Fars province ruler, Lotfali Khan advanced to the vicinity of Shiraz and encircled the city, taking control of all districts around Shiraz. He hoped that this action will starve the city into submission. Agha Mohammad Khan first sent... Read Full Article:


June, 5, 1945 A.D.:
Mohsen Sadr Becomes Prime Minister

Mohsen Sadr served as royal tutor to Salarossaltaneh, one of Naseroddin Shah's sons. When Mozaffaroddin Shah ascended the throne and Salarossaltaneh became the governor of Hamedan, Sadr served him as chamberlain.After bombing of the Majlis in June, 1908, he was a judge serving in a committee that wa... Read Full Article:


June, 5, 1963 A.D.:
The 15 Khordad Uprising

Almost ten years after the CIA backed coup in 1953, the 15 Khordad uprising on June, 5, 1963 was the incident which actually ignited the Islamic Revolution in 1979. From the early hours of the day, people took their anger to the streets of Qom to protest Imam Khomeini's arrest. He was taken arrested... Read Full Article:


June, 5, 1989 A.D.:
New Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei was appointed as the new Supreme Leader after Ayatollah Khomeini suddenly died. Khamenei served twice as President, once after assassination of President Rajayi, he won elections in October 1981 with more than %95 of the 16 million votes cast, and he was elected again in November ... Read Full Article:

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