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May, 10

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May, 10, 1119 A.D.:
Seljuk Kings Clash At Saveh

The war of Saveh took place between armies of Sultan Sanjar and his nephew Sultan Mahmoud from the Seljuk dynasty. Although the war was won by Sultan Sanjar, he pardoned Mahmoud and spared his life. Seljuks consisted of several Turkish dynasties ruling over a great part of western Asia including Per... Read Full Article:


May, 10, 1789 A.D.:
Lotfali Khan Becomes Last Zand King

Lotfali Khan, Jafar Khan's son ascends the throne on May, 10, 1789 after defeating Seyyed Morad Khan. Thus he became the last king of the Zand dynasty. The young Lotfali Khan was not capable of fighting against Agha Mohammad Khan's army. After he was betrayed in Shiraz, he took refuge in Bushehr. He... Read Full Article:


May, 10, 1796 A.D.:
Russians Storm Darband

After becoming king, Agha Mohammad Khan of Qajar dynasty took back Georgia which was captured by Russians in 1873. Catherine was determined to counter the attack by a punitive action. Her army set out in April 1796 from Kizilyar and captured Darband on May,10. In June, the Russian army overran most ... Read Full Article:


May, 10, 1930 A.D.:
First School Of Cinema Opens In Tehran

The history of cinema in Iran started 5 years after the Lumiere brothers invented the cinema-photograph machine. In March 1900, during a visit to France, Mozaffaroddin Shah gets to know the new invention and his companion Mirza Ebrahim Khan Akkasbashi makes the first Iranian documentary from the Sha... Read Full Article:

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