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March, 31

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March, 31, 1890 A.D.:
Imperial Bank Of Persia Inaugurated

Originally known as The British Bank of the Middle East, The Imperial bank of Persia was established in 1889 with a royal charter from Queen Victoria, very unusual for an overseas bank at the time. Iran's banking system, including issuing banknotes had been managed by the British for over 40 years. ... Read Full Article:


March, 31, 1931 A.D.:
Tehran University Foundation Step

After abolition of the Qajar Dynasty, during inauguration of the Majlis library in 1926, the idea of a modern university surfaced and was discussed among parliament members but the grandeur of the project needed in-depth studies and allocation of resources. The main problem in fact was that some Ira... Read Full Article:


March, 31, 1936 A.D.:
Thrusting U. S. Into Diplomatic Limbo

Reza Shah Pahlavi, now calling himself the King of Kings ordered the Iranian legation in Washington and the Iranian consulates in Manhattan and Chicago permanently closed, thus thrusting the U. S. into a diplomatic limbo. The political outrage started after his majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to ... Read Full Article:

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