The Iranian History on this day :

March, 29

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March, 29, 1555 A.D.:
Peace Treaty Signed With Ottoman Empire

After long years of wars that devastated both countries, the Ottoman and the Safavi Empires signed a peace treaty on May, 29, 1555 that brought peace to Iran for a while. The Peace treaty between Shah Tahmasp of Safavid Iran and Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire at the city of Am... Read Full Article:


March, 29, 1917 A.D.:
Iran Acknowledges British Military Presence

The Iranian prime minister Vosooghoddoleh officially recognized the British SPR which special armed forces founded by the British. These forces were given the task of operating in the British Sphere in Southern Iran. The presence and operation of such forces inside of Iranian soil actually constitut... Read Full Article:


March, 29, 1975 A.D.:
U.S. To Build 8 Nuclear Reactors In Iran

According to an agreement between Iran and U.S. authorities signed in Tehran, The United States agreed to build and operate 8 nuclear reactors in Iran. The agreement was made between Henry Kissinger and Iranian authorities to seal bilateral ties. Other items foreseen in the deal totalling 15 billion... Read Full Article:

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