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March, 15

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March, 15, 44 B.C.:
Caesars Assassination Relieves Iranians

7 days to Norooz celebrations, the news of Caesar's assassination in the Senate relieved Iranians because they were preparing for an attack from Caesar's army as a revenge for the defeat 7 years earlier when general Surena had crushed Roman army leaded by Crassus in the famous Battle of Carrhae.... Read Full Article:


March, 15, 1933 A.D.:
Majlis Ninth Term Begins

The first assembly of the 9th Majlis took place on March, 15, 1933. After cancellation of the D'Arcy agreement by the Majlis eighth term, the government reached a new agreement with the British government, not perfect but it had better conditions in favor of Iran. On May, 28. 1933 a new license was ... Read Full Article:


March, 15, 1939 A.D.:
Prince Of Persia Marries Egyptian Fawzia

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was the crown prince at the time married princess Fouziyeh, the daughter of king Fuad of Egypt. Because the Pahlavi family did not have a noble origin, this marriage was mostly aimed to bring some royal blood to the family. The crown prince departed for Egypt on Feb, 24, 19... Read Full Article:


March, 15, 1976 A.D.:
Iran Switches To Imperial Calendar

Iranian Majlis and Senate approved the bill to use Imperial Calendar. Mohammad Reza Shah's ambitions during the 2500 Years Celebrations, had already irked many Iranians in 1971. The despot king wanted to have control on everything and for that reason, Iran switched to single party system in 1975. Th... Read Full Article:

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