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March, 10

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March, 10, 1333 A.D.:
Mozaffarid Shah Shoja Is Born

Born as Abolfavares Jalaloddin on March, 18, 1333 in Nashtifan city of Khvaf, he was later to be known as Shah Shoja son of Mobarezoddin Mohammad of Mozaffarid Dynasty.Shah Shoja proved to be a less of a tyrannical figure, but he was constantly fighting with his brothers, causing a long period of in... Read Full Article:


March, 10, 1737 A.D.:
The Siege Of Ghandahar

By the time Nader Shah ascended the throne, he had already created the unity among Iranians and deterred imperial Russia and Ottomans from incursion into the Iranian soil but a new era of colonization had begun and Ariana became the new European playground. Chieftains and warlords in today's Afghani... Read Full Article:


March, 10, 1942 A.D.:
US Approves Iran Aid Package

The United States found Iran eligible for a loan and lease program. Iran also demanded sending American military advisors in order to improve the Gendarmerie and Armed Forces. On March, 20th, Iran's Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington sent an official note to the Secretary of State declaring will... Read Full Article:


March, 10, 1942 A.D.:
Kayhan Newspaper Founded

On March, 10, 1942, the Ministry of Culture issued a permit for publication of Kayhan Newspaper, a daily owned by Abdorrahman Faramarzi, and Mostafa Mesbahzadeh as editor-in-chief. Before that, the two rented and published another paper called Ayandeh Iran as it was difficult to obtain a newspaper p... Read Full Article:

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