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March, 03

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March, 3, 52 B.C.:
Roman Senate Discusses Carrhae Defeat

Excerpts from an assembly at the Roman senate on March, 3, discussing the reasons for which Romans lost in the Battle of Carrhae 9 months earlier: Lieutenant Surena used new arms and tactics in this war Each Iranian soldier carried some water and did not become thirsty like Roman soldiers did. Camel... Read Full Article:


March, 3, 637 A.D.:
Arabs Capture Tisfun

The Siege of Ctesiphon by the Arab army lasted about two months, from January to March 637. Ctesiphon, located on the east bank of the Tigris, was an imperial capital of the Sassanid Empire. Soon after the conquest of the city by Arabs, Sassanid rule in Iraq ended.Ctesiphon, 30 km southeast of moder... Read Full Article:


March, 3, 1940 A.D.:
Britain Refuses Selling Airplanes To Iran

A request by the Iranian government to purchase some airplanes from Britain was denied. The Iranian air force had been founded by airplanes purchased from Russia and Germany. After Iran created naval units by help from Italians, the English hegemony in the Persian Gulf came to an end and therefore t... Read Full Article:


March, 3, 1945 A.D.:
Russians Urged To Pull Out Troops

Dr. Mosaddegh, the Tehran representative at the parliament protested Soviet Union's hesitation in withdrawing troops from Iran. He called USSR's leaders people who do not keep their words and do not respect international regulations and charged them of indifference against nations' rights. In his sp... Read Full Article:


March, 3, 1951 A.D.:
Demonstrations For Nationalization Of Oil

Mounting protests against an unfair deal that gave Britain all rights over Iranian oil reserves led to street demonstrations on March, 3, 1950 and public gatherings of all groups of people including religious, national, and even communist movements were asking for Nationalization of Oil. On the same... Read Full Article:

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