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March, 01

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March, 1, 173 B.C.:
First Constitutional Monarchy In Iran

The sixth Parthian king Mehrdad I ordered codification of a general constitution against which all citizens were to know their rights and responsibilities. Thereafter two parliaments were created that together formed the Iranian senate or Mehestan. Among duties of Mehestan were choosing the crown pr... Read Full Article:


March, 1, 1779 A.D.:
Karim Khan Zand Dies

Karim Khan Zand is known to be the best ruler in Iran since the invasion of Arabs. He was a high ranking officer in Nader Shah's army. After the assassination of Nader Shah, he supported whoever he thought of as a real heir to the throne but he never proclaimed king and only took the title "the advo... Read Full Article:


March, 1, 1973 A.D.:
CIA Director Ambassador To Tehran

President Richard Nixon of the US named former CIA Director Richard Helms as Ambassador to Tehran. At a formal dinner party with Iranian Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveida, the Soviet Ambassador in Tehran, Vladimir Erofeyev asked Hoveida what he thought about the United States sending Iran a spy as a... Read Full Article:

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