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February, 21

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February, 21, 1921 A.D.:
The Coup d'état Of Reza Khan

The Qajar dynasty was probably one of the weakest in Iran's history. After the World War I, Russia and Britain entered a fierce power struggle in Iran. The Qajar court was corrupt and deeply under influence of foreign missionaries. The last Qajar king was only a teenager when Reza Khan who was the c... Read Full Article:


February, 21, 1961 A.D.:
Majlis Twentieth Terms Begins

During Majlis elections in 1960, contested primarily by the Melliyun Party and the Mardom Party, charges of widespread fraud could not be suppressed, and the shah was forced to cancel the elections. On Aug, 27 during a press conference and announced the election results invalid. Four days later he a... Read Full Article:

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