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February, 11

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February, 11, 1805 A.D.:
Napoleon Sends Envoy To Iran

Napoleon I wanted to develop an alliance with the Persian Empire. France had already signed treaties with Persia in 1708 and 1715 with the visit of a Persian embassy to Louis XIV, but these relations ceased in 1722 with the fall of the Safavid dynasty. After the Anglo-Persian Treaty of 1801 which of... Read Full Article:


February, 11, 1829 A.D.:
Russia's Minister Plenipotentiary Killed In Tehran

Alexander Griboyedov, Russia's Minister Plenipotentiary to Tehran was killed during a raid on the Russian embassy at the age of 34. Aftermath the Russian war and humiliating Treaty of Turkmenchai, the anti-Russian sentiment in Iran was high. A eunuch and two girls from the royal harem of Fathali Sha... Read Full Article:


February, 11, 1924 A.D.:
Majlis Fifth Term Begins

The Persian legislative election of 1923 was held in November 1923 after the appointment of Reza Pahlavi as Prime Minister by Ahmad Shah Qajar. It was the last election in the Qajar Dynasty. Parliament opened on 11 February 1924.The fifth Majlis was convened on Feb, 11, 1924. Majlis became the scene... Read Full Article:


February, 11, 1996 A.D.:
Farrakhan Visits Iran

Louis Farrakhan visited Iran attending a rally marking the 17th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In a speech he made, he told the crowd tha their country had become a model religious democracy. He praised the Iranian model and added "If America wants the world to be democratic, Iran has had... Read Full Article:


February, 11, 2005 A.D.:
North Korea Backs Iran

(SCOTSMAN) - North Korea has sent a message of solidarity to Iran amid suspicions that it boasted of having nuclear weapons to raise the stakes while United States attention is focused on Iran’s nuclear program.North Korea declared yesterday for the first time it possessed nuclear weapons and pull... Read Full Article:

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