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February, 09

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February, 9, 867 A.D.:
Bactria Regains Independence From Abbasids

Yaghub Leis, the founder of the Saffarian Dynasty liberated Bactria after a battle on Feb, 9, 867.Yaghub was a restless warrior who defeated Arab vassal rulers one by one. In a series of battles, his army liberated Herat, Bamyan, Bactra, Kabul, and Bost. Iranians had first taken sword 40 years after... Read Full Article:


February, 9, 1924 A.D.:
Nakhjevan Declares Independence

Nakhjevan declared its independence on this day, Feb, 9, 1924. After years of war, Nakhjevan was separated from Iran after a battle in 1818 and became part of Russia according to Turkmenchai Treaty in 1828. In 1918, it was separated by Armenia from Azerbaijan. Being part of Transcaucasia, Nakhjevan ... Read Full Article:


February, 9, 1950 A.D.:
Majlis Sixteenth Terms Begins

The 16th Majlis term started on Feb, 9, 1950.The sixteenth term was noisy, sawing the seeds of the Nationalization of Oil Industry. Britain filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice resulting in a restraining order preventing the Iranian government from measures it had already taken ... Read Full Article:


February, 9, 2011 A.D.:
Mamloo Dam Inaugurated Near Tehran

(FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended an official ceremony on Wednesday morning to inaugurate the Mamloo Dam in Eastern Tehran, which has cost the country nearly $1.6mln with a crest length of 807m and height of 89m on the Jajrood River.The ceremony was also attended by the Iranian E... Read Full Article:

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